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Vote for Energy Efficiency

OPALCO’s 75th Annual Meeting on the ferry is coming up on Saturday, May 5th. Ballots have arrived in each members’ mailbox and absentee ballots are due by May 4th – an option for online voting is new this year. Why should you participate? As Co-op member-owners, you have the power to elect the Board of Directors who are responsible for policy making – including what kind of programming and budget are committed to energy efficiency and conservation. In a co-op, it’s one member: one vote. Your voice counts. Please take a moment to read about the candidates and exercise your power to vote. The Annual Meeting will be a special affair this year in celebration of OPALCO’s 75th Anniversary. Hope you’ll join us. In any case, check out the historical timeline, annual report and galleries of stories, photos and videos online at Have an OPALCO story or photos of your own to share? Post them on our new Facebook page (Orcas Power & Light Cooperative) – and be sure to tell your friends!