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The Peak Project Demand Response Pilot Takes Off

OPALCO has launched a demand response pilot called The Peak Project. The Peak Project aims to install demand response units (DRUs) on electric water heaters and Home Area Network devices in homes with central electric heating systems. See The Peak Project page for more information.

The first round of outreach targeted the Spring Point to West Sound area and response has been very good. More than 70 members have called in for a brief interview with Program Coordinator Marian O’Brien. The interviews take just a few minutes and if a member has an electric water heater, an installation can be scheduled right away with a local electrical contractor. Members with the previous Load Management Receiver (LMR) devices are having those units replaced with the installation of the new DRU units. The installation times vary, but are averaging about 1-and-a-half hours.

The Home Area Network installations will begin in January and include two devices:  a new programmable Smart Thermostat and In Home Display. These installations will go into homes with forced air electric heating, or electric heat pumps.

There are still installation slots available for the week of December 13th for demand response units on electric water heaters. We are still looking for member to participate in the Home Area Network installations beginning in January. Call Marian at 376-3587 to schedule.

Check out a recent news story from the New York Times about this regional pilot.