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Ducted Heat Pumps

OPALCO rebates are for systems installed by Performance Tested Comfort Systems (PTCS)-certified contractors only. Having your new heat pump installed according to industry best practices established by assures you that your system can operate at an optimal level. For more information see Why PTCS?

Rebates range from $500 to $1,600  depending on equipment ratings and whether you have an existing system.

Once your heat pump is installed, complete the PTCS Heat Pump Form with your contractor. Your PTCS contractor must fill out and submit BPA’s PTCS Air Source Heat Pump Form and Heat Pump Sizing Calculator to OPALCO. If you have questions with any part of this reasonably complex form, contact our Energy Savings specialist.

For more information on rebates, contact us.

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Local PTCS Certified Contractors

  • San Juan Heating 360-378-4328
  • Barron Heating 360-676-1131
  • Sage Building Solutions 360-468-4040
  • Harbor Heating 360-298-5518
  • West Mechanical 800-328-1066
  • Ronk Brothers Heating 360-855-1025

NOTE: You must hire a PTCS-certified contractor to qualify for your Heat Pump rebate.