Heat Pump Water Heater Rebate


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Next to heating your home, heating your water consumes the most energy. An estimated 25% of your electric bill is used to heat water for your daily needs.

Heat pump water heaters are highly efficient. They can cut water heating energy consumption by 60% compared to standard electric water heaters. Rather than generating heat by burning fuel (electric resistance), heat pump water heaters move heat from one place to another, by heat transfer, the same technology used in heat pumps for home heating. Electric heating elements are used only when needed.

  • To find out if a heat pump water heater is right for you, visit Hot Water Solutions for helpful tools and resources.
  • When selecting a water heater, pay attention to Energy Factor (EF). This is a measure of its overall energy efficiency and is based on the amount of hot water produced per unit of fuel consumed over a typical day. The higher the EF, the more efficient the water heater.
  • Also consider the warranty, whether the size of the tank to meet your needs, and the First Hour Rating (the amount of hot water in gallons the heater can supply per hour).

NOTE: Heat pump water heater rebates are for existing single family homes only. In homes, they must replace an electric storage water heater (not gas water heaters).

OPALCO offers rebates of $300 for tier 1, $600 for tier 3, and $700 for tier 4 rated heat pump water heaters. Review the BPA Heat Pump Water Heat Qualified Products List for units in our region that qualify for rebates.

  • To apply for the OPALCO rebate, please complete and submit the application above with your proof of purchase (receipt) and the Manufacturer’s Installation Checklist (found in the installation manual included in your unit).
  • A homeowner may install the unit themselves. By doing so, the homeowner is responsible for self-education and commits to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. There are installation videos available on the manufacturer’s websites with exact procedures to follow for successful installations. These videos are considered Manufacturer Training.
  • View our Do-It-Yourself Installation Tips from The Smart Water Heat Program.

You can find everything you ever wanted to know about heat pump water heaters and promotions by visiting http://smartwaterheat.org/.