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Ocean Wave Power

An exciting event happened this past week in the area of Wave Power. The first wave power station in the United States received a license from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to build and deploy up to 10 Ocean Power Technology (OPT) devices off the coast of Oregon. These devices together are planned to generate 1.5MW of power. This is the equivalent of powering approximately 1,000 homes.

Living on an island in the NW, we often wonder about the feasibility of tidal and wave power. Tidal power is created by using the ebb and flow of the tides. Wave power is created by using the up and down motion of waves. Both types of systems are beginning to be deployed around the world. Still considered expensive, when compared to traditional electricity generation and even to the costs of other renewable energy sources such as wind and solar, advances in technology and economies of scale should bring the costs of ocean power down.

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