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It’s Electrifying is an OPALCO news column that runs in San Juan County papers.

Letter from the General Manager: June 23, 2015

Monday, June 22nd, 2015

In this month’s Letter from the General Manager: A history of ups and downs Co-ops operate at the cost of service This is our row to hoe We must stay the course Congratulations to Randy Cornelius

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Submarine Cables & Revenue Shortfall Drive Rates Up

Monday, December 22nd, 2014

TYPICAL RESIDENTIAL MEMBER WILL SEE AN AVERAGE 9% INCREASE IN 2015 OPALCO leadership has approved a new rate structure and 2015 budget that include rate increases for all members. There is no getting around it: we are facing expensive submarine cable replacements beginning in 2015 and continuing for the next 20 years. In addition, we… READ MORE »

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Electrifying: What is the Grid Control Backbone? How is it Paid For?

Friday, August 29th, 2014

Our recent survey results showed us that our membership wants to be better informed about Co-op business. Look for these “Electrifying” articles regularly in our local papers and at Our Cooperative has built a robust grid control backbone that is at the core of our electrical distribution system. The backbone is mostly a fiber… READ MORE »

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OPALCO Board Responds to Member Concerns

Friday, August 22nd, 2014

The OPALCO Board of Directors has been aware of controversy surrounding letters sent during the past year by OPALCO’s lawyers and would like to take this opportunity to clear up this matter. OPALCO’s legal counsel reports to the Board, and the Board of Directors is ultimately responsible for any action taken by OPALCO, its lawyers,… READ MORE »

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Seven Steps to Electrical Safety

Thursday, June 19th, 2014

OPALCO Linemen are first responders for public safety.  You can count on your Co-op to take care of downed lines and other power emergencies. If you see downed lines or other power emergencies, be a hero: call 911. OPALCO is serious about safety. Did you know? Some of our power lines are energized at 69,000… READ MORE »

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OPALCO Hears from Members at Town Hall Meetings: A Recap

Friday, March 28th, 2014

Thank you to the members who joined us at a series of Town Hall meetings in March. A total of 83 members attended the meetings (San Juan: 43, Orcas: 23, Lopez: 17). A Town Hall meeting on Shaw Island is scheduled for May (date TBD). We had very positive and productive conversations; board members, staff… READ MORE »

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