Refrigerator/Freezer Decommisioning Program

New refrigerator decommissioning program

Is your “old faithful” refrigerator (or freezer) still running? If so, OPALCO may be able to pay you ($25) to recycle it—in addition to the rebate ($25) you can get when purchase a new Energy Star refrigerator or freezer. Now add on the potential energy savings (see chart below) for your new, more efficient fridge—and the cost of your investment in energy efficiency goes down substantially!

To decommission your old faithful, an authorized contractor will verify that your fridge or freezer (must be at least 10 cubic feet in capacity) is functional and serving a home in the OPALCO service territory. At no cost to the member, the contractor will remove the old refrigerator/freezer and recycle it according to EPA standards. Members will receive a $25 rebate credit on their bill when the completed paperwork is submitted. Some restrictions may apply due to accessibility issues and location.

When you’re ready to purchase a new refrigerator/ freezer, choose any Energy Star model, submit the rebate form (available at www.opalco. com) and another $25 rebate will appear as a credit on your power bill.

Call 376-3586 to schedule a pick up.

Access the full PDF here.