All of Shaw Island and most of Orcas Island (except east of Olga Artworks, Obstruction to Eagle Lake) will experience a power outage beginning at midnight on Friday, October 15th and ending by 4:00 am. The planned outage is necessary for OPALCO crews to replace an old pole with a new steel pole on a transmission line.

OPALCO members are responsible for their own equipment and OPALCO encourages all members to install surge protection to safeguard electronic, computer and other sensitive equipment and appliances. To prepare for the outage, members may want to turn sensitive electronics and equipment off at the surge protector, or unplug them completely – and keep a flashlight handy. For more information on surge protection, to learn how to prepare for an outage and what to do during an outage, go to OPALCO is a member-owned cooperative electrical utility serving more than 11,000 members on 20 islands in San Juan County. OPALCO provides electricity that is 95% greenhouse-gas free and is predominately generated by hydro-electric plants. OPALCO was founded in 1937 to bring electricity to rural islanders.