Index of Fun Facts: What Does it Take to Put on OPALCO’s Annual Meeting?

11,198 ballots and ballot booklets printed and mailed

1,000 copies of the annual reports printed

750 cookies baked

400 bag lunches (10 caterers to prepare and serve them)

250 gifts for members + annual meeting packets

100 Co-op members to make a quorum

50 fabulous door prizes

45 fliers posted on community bulletin boards on four islands

36 OPALCO staff working the day of event (8 of those rode the red-eye to set up)

20+ weeks of staff planning

12 weeks of advertising in 3 newspapers + blogs

10 gallons of coffee

7 Board Members

5 island stops (including Fidalgo)

4 OPALCO bylaws to comply with

2 charter boats

1 Washington State Ferry (with the Captain’s permission)