Fun Facts: How much are we actually savings through our Energy Savings Program?

How much are we actually saving through OPALCO’s Energy Saving Program

  • 2,961,385  estimated kilowatt hour (kWh) savings from energy efficiency measures in our last biennium (7/1/12 – 6/30/14)*
  • $783,270 distributed to members in our last biennium*
  • 3,215 energy efficiency measures were implemented by OPALCO members in our last biennium
  • 871.57 kW capacity of member generated renewable power interconnected to the OPALCO grid

Also notable:

  • 500+ in attendance  at 3 Energy Fairs hosted this summer in partnership with the San Juan Islands Conservation District and local nonprofits
  • 132 Home Snapshot Assessments completed in our last biennium
  • 30 Commercial energy upgrade projects currently pending
  • 4 sites in the works for Community Solar for Schools Program
  • 1.5 OPALCO staff members administer the entire Energy Savings program
  • 0 gallons of gas consumed by the OPALCO Nissan Leaf in our last biennium

*Includes 76,561 kWh and $19,140 for the Lopez reconductering projects,
making our electrical distribution system more energy efficient