Billing Cycle Change for Some OPALCO Members

OPALCO members on Orcas, Lopez, Shaw, Decatur, Blakely, Center, Obstruction, Crane, Canoe, Bell, Fawn and Double islands will move to a new mid-month billing cycle beginning in September 2012. Members on San Juan, Henry, Brown, Pearl, and Spieden islands and Island Network members will remain on the current end-of-month billing cycle. Switching half of the membership to a second billing cycle will improve our cash flow management and work flow efficiency, saving staff time and member dollars.

For those members affected by the change, the August billing (8/30) will be the final month-end billing. In September (9/14), those members will receive the new mid-month billing for a 15-day period (with pro-rated base charges). The next mid-month billing in October (10/15) will be a normal 30-day cycle, as will the subsequent months. For a detailed chart, check your bill insert, pick up a counter card at your OPALCO office, or go to

As a member-owned cooperative, we deliver electricity at the cost of service. We are always striving for best practices to keep that cost of service as low as possible. We appreciate your patience with this transition and encourage you to call us at 376-3500 if you have any questions.