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MORE and Energy Code Updates

MORE – Member Owned Renewable Energy
Today was the first meeting of the MORE Steering Committee. It was held in the county meeting room at the Orcas Landing from 10:30 – 12:30.  Go to MORE for information on the Steering Committee and previous postings.

We will be posting the meeting minutes on the MORE page tomorrow but just to give a short summary:  Eight of the nine members were present. One member from the public attended. We certainly hoped for more public participation! The meeting was advertised in all the newspapers and online calendars.  Please get the word out if you are reading this.

Since it was the first meeting we spent some time on introductions and then dove into why we were there. We discussed the national energy picture, BPA tier 1 and tier 2 rates, the relationship between renewable generation and conservation and the idea of zero energy growth for the future.  There was a discussion on the history of OPALCO’s green energy programs and renewable generation incentive program.  We talked about education and behavior modification as it relates to conservation.  The group is diverse and well educated in the areas of renewables, energy efficiency and conservation so during the open forum everyone put their thoughts on the table.  We ended with scheduling the next meeting for July 21st on San Juan (location TBD) and an agenda which will be published here (MORE) . . . along with the real meeting minutes. Stay tuned!

WA State Energy Code
On another note:  The Washington State Energy Code 2009 that was going to be in place this month (July 2010) has been postponed. I received the following email with the latest update:

Based on a meeting of the SBCC yesterday (6/30/10), the text of the proposed rule regarding any further delay of the 2009 State Energy Code implementation will reflect “ January 1, 2011” rather than “no later than April 1, 2011”.  PLEASE NOTE that this does not preclude a final decision of some other date, either BEFORE or AFTER January 1st.  The Building Code Council wants to hear from all stakeholders either through written or spoken testimony BEFORE making a final decision.  The Public Hearings on this rule as anticipated to be in Spokane on September 10th and Olympia on September 24th after which a decision will be made.  We are entering rulemaking regarding the implementation date ONLY… there are NO technical changes to the new Energy Code being considered as a part of this rulemaking action…For additional information go to the State Building Code Council’s website at: