This Electric Life

It’s all about heating now!


Over the summer I figured out that my home’s base load electricity usage was around 17kWh per day.

I gave the definition of “electricity base load” as the amount of electricity used in providing routine needs for your household, such as operating everyday appliances and electronics including the water heater. The base load usage does not include the seasonal load of heating.

The official start of winter is only a few days away, but I turned on my heating system October 3rd, and my electricity usage has gone steadily up as the temperatures have gone down.

How much electricity is it taking to heat my 1600sf house?  Of course there are many variables to consider including the inside temperature setting and whether or not I have the wood stove burning.

On average, since I turned the heat on October 3rd, my usage has gone up to 57 kWh per day from the 17 kWh per day in the summer. That’s over three times as much.  Now in December the average is 71 kWh per day and that’s 4 times as much.  When I have the wood stove burning in the evenings the usage goes down between 10 kWh and 15 kWh per day.

How does this translate to my OPALCO bill?  Easily, it’s gone up and it’s gone up in proportion to how much electricity I’m using to heat my home. Yes, that means 3 to 4 times as much as the summer bill! Oh, and don’t forget, some of the usage is due to more lighting on these dark evenings.  It’s just a few more days until the shortest day of the year.

Ho, Ho, Ho Hum – Welcome to winter!