Local Renewable Power Within Your Reach!

Building the Sustainability and Independence of our Island Communities

Reap the benefits: bill credits, local renewable energy source, local resilience

NOW Everyone Can Go Solar!

Community Solar offers an affordable and easy way to grow our own power! Members benefit from monthly bill credits and the whole Co-op benefits from a first step towards a local source for emergency back-up power.

Why is OPALCO doing this project?

Community Solar is the first step toward local solutions to expensive mainland power trends (as we outline in our Integrated Resource Plan).  It also offers increased redundancy, and the capability to re-route power for emergency services.

The Best Part: Save Money!

The solar units you purchase offset a portion of your electric bill. Experience a return on investment while also switching a portion of your electricity usage to clean, local solar power.

MOVE THE SLIDER to calculate your savings and impact potential.

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Annual Savings

MOVE THE SLIDER to select how many units of the project you are interested in.

* 75 watts is expected to produce 82 kWh. The kWh offset compares your investment to your actual kWh usage last year (find it in SmartHub) or defaults to the residential average usage of 12,000 kWh/year. Return on investment is estimated at 10.9 years depending on actual array production. Annual savings is based on $0.10/kWh from OPALCO + $0.16/kWh in WA State Incentives while supplies last (estimated 5 years)

Enter your actual annual usage (from SmartHub):
(12,000 kWh/year is the average usage of OPALCO members.)

How does community solar work?

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OPALCO community solar array produces electricity.

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The electricity produced becomes net metering credits.

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The credits are added to your electric bill, based on how many units you purchased.

Interested in taking part in community solar?

Email solar@opalco.com to let us know you are interested in future projects.
  • Community Solar is currently not accepting applications. Email solar@opalco.com to get on our list of people interested in community solar projects.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Participants purchase the right to the production output of a number of units of the project. A unit represents a set amount of watts, and participants get a credit on their bill each month for the production of those solar units. In addition, participants will get a check, annually (for as long as the funds last, estimated 5 years), for WA State Production Incentives credit, which is administered through Washington State University. OPALCO will take care of operating, maintaining, upkeep, and administration of the array and community solar program.

Any OPALCO member in good standing with an active meter can participate.  Non-members can also participate by donating Solar Units to an active member or OPALCO’s Energy Assist Program to help low-income member households, similar to OPALCO “Gifts of Power” certificates.

Minimum investment is $150.  Maximum investment is going to depend on member interest.


Yes, this will vary depending on how many units you participate in. For most participants it will offset a small portion of your usage. For example, the typical home using 1,000 kWh per month would need to invest ~$20,000 to offset its full consumption (kWh only). Please note that a goal of the program is to spread the benefit among as many participants as possible, within reason.