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The most efficient and cost-effective way to monitor your daily usage and to pay your bill is through our electronic billing tool: SmartHub. With SmartHub, your bill arrives via email. This saves postage, paper and staff time. You’ll also receive timely alerts and announcements from OPALCO to stay up to date on what’s happening at your electric cooperative!

Home Snapshot Assessment

LED bulb imageFor just $25, OPALCO’s Building Performance Institute (BPI) certified contractors inspect your home from top to bottom, including insulation levels, windows and doors, heating system, ventilation, air quality, appliances and lighting.

The contractor will replace up to 12 standard light bulbs with energy efficient LED bulbs and install low-flow showerheads at no extra charge. You’ll receive a report on your home’s energy efficiency status and savings potential to help you prioritize your home improvement decisions, including available rebates from OPALCO.

Call us today to request a Home Snapshot Energy Assessment: Call us today at 376-3500.

DIY Assessment

killawattEvery month you receive a bill from OPALCO for the electricity your home has consumed. Do you know how energy is measured, and how much you use on average? Do you know how much you pay per kilowatt hour (kWh)?

Take charge of your energy habits! Besides SmartHub, here are a few home tools to help:

Kill A Watt Meters – Members can check out a Kill A Watt meter at their local San Juan County library and use it to calculate electrical expenses by the day, week, month or year. Simply plug a household item into the device and it will calculate the efficiency of that item by displaying the kilowatt hours used. Reference our Appliance Cost Sheet to check your findings.

In-Home Displays and Other Online Software – The latest trends in helping people assess their electricity usage are In-Home Displays such as The Energy Detective (TED) or learning thermostats like Nest.



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