Electric Vehicles (EVs)

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Electric Vehicles (EVs) are ideal for use in San Juan County. Check out our many tools that can help you in your EV research:

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OPALCO EV Rebates!

New – Free – Public Level 2 charging stations at Orcas Island Market, Key Bank (Friday Harbor), and Lopez Village Market.

The majority of energy (including non-electric sources) used by the typical residential household in the County is for your vehicle.  If you choose to replace your gasoline use with use of cleaner, more affordable electricity, your overall energy use decreases dramatically!

EVs are quickly becoming one of the most popular new cars in San Juan County because they make a lot of sense to here.  Apart from the benefits received anywhere (such as less maintenance due to fewer moving parts, which means no more oil changes!), our unique environment gives electric vehicles additional benefits in the islands.  Owners have labeled them the “Perfect Island Car” since there is no range anxiety to worry about, and OPALCO has cleaner, cheaper, power compared to filling up your car with gasoline.  With rebates available for home charging stations, you won’t have to worry as much about planning your trips out, either.

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Click on map for updated charger locations in San Juan County

How long does it take to charge an EV? Most plug-in hybrid electric cars take 4-6 hours to fully charge at Level One; battery electric cars take 12-24 hours for a full charge at Level One. Most battery electric vehicles will take only 3-6 hours to fully charge at Level Two. The best time to charge your vehicle is at night, after 8:00 PM.  Check your owner’s manual for specific charging times and requirements for your electric vehicle.


What do members need to know to get ready for electric vehicles? Most of the existing electric cars use a “Level One” 120-volt charge from a standard household outlet; no modifications are required. The newest electric cars use a “Level Two” 240-volt charge and will require members to add a new circuit in their home electrical panel, and a plug similar to that used for an electric clothes dryer. Whether you hire a licensed electrician or do it yourself, you’ll need to get a permit from L&I – it’s a simple online form and fee of about $60.

Interested in installing a charging station at home?  There are a variety options, and rebates available!

EV Resources

  • Go to ChargePoint for more information on the national ChargePoint Network including location maps and status updates of charging units.
  • Learn more about the benefits of all-electric vehicles from the U.S. Department of Energy.
  • OPALCO’s Nissan LEAF is here! Look for us on around the islands.
  • Go to PlugShare.com to find a charging station near you.
  • Learn about EVs from the San Juan Islands Conservation District by contacting them at (360) 378-6621, emailing Ryan@SJICD.org, or visiting their website.

Download Rebate Forms

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