This Electric Life

Conserving Energy in the Fall

Fall is in full swing – this morning felt like the coldest of the season so far. Use these easy tips to conserve energy as the weather cools down.

1. Unblock heating vents. Make sure heating vents aren’t blocked by furniture or drapes, and the dampers are open. Vacuum out dust and pet hair from warm air registers and cold air return so your furnace runs more efficiently.

2. Check the water heater. If its surface is hot – or even warm – some of the energy used to heat the water is being wasted. Wrap the heater in an insulating blanket. Be sure to check the user manual and labels on the tank first.

3. Clean the chimney. Fall is the best time to clean the chimney and get vent systems checked. Pipes must be properly connected and there should be no signs of rust or damage.

4. Seal leaks around doors, windows and electrical outlets. Heat from the home escapes out of these cracks. Sealing these leaks can save on your heating bill.

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