Commercial Insulation

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Who is eligible and how to apply:

Requirements and Specifications
– This measure applies to retrofits only
– The building is electrically heated

Payment per Square Foot of Insulation

– Attic/Roof Insulation
o ≤R-5 to R19: $1.35
o ≤R-5 to R-30: $1.40
o ≤R-5 to R-49: $1.50
– Wall Insulation
o ≤R-5 to R-11: $0.75
o ≤R- to R-19: $1.00

Required Documents
– Completed rebate application
– Product or contractor invoice showing:
o Product order or purchase date
o Installed cost
– Completed Certificate of Insulation documenting pre and post R-values and square footage of installed insulation