Commercial Ductless Heat Pump

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To qualify for a ductless heat pump retrofit or upgrade rebate, businesses must meet the following requirements:

  • The space is conditioned by zonal or forced-air, electric- resistance heat as the primary heating source
  • The space is conditioned by an operational or failed DHP or is part of a building addition, new construction, or major renovation project
  • Individual metering or the ability to meter electric usage separately from other adjoining building(s)
  • Product must be listed on the Ductless Heat Pump Qualified Product List to be eligible for rebate.

Reimbursement is $1,000.00 per ton of installed outdoor unit cooling capacity for each DHP unit serving a qualified indoor space. To determine tonnage, divide installed BTU capacity by 12,000 and round to the nearest whole ton.

Photo of ductless head pump exterior and interior parts and remote control