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Automated Meters (AMI)

OPALCO’s Automated Meter Infrastructure (AMI) build out is about 45% complete with San Juan Island (and surrounding islands) scheduled for installation in 2010-11. AMI means smart meters, smart grid and in the future could provide a tool for members to monitor and manage their electric usage from home.

When the new smart meters are installed, members may notice an increase in their kWh usage because their old mechanical meter may have slowed down and become less accurate over time. The cost of covering the gap between inaccurately metered kWh usage and the actual power bill has been paid by all Co-op members through higher operational costs. With the new digital meters, your usage and costs are accurately captured which can help keep rates down for everyone.

The entire Co-op benefits from accurate accounting—and also from the remote access for meter reading, problem solving, outage resolution and—eventually—the load monitoring and management tools that come with an AMI “smart grid.”

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