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Energy Services Update 6-24-10

Thursday, June 24th, 2010

The Treasure Chest of Energy Savings Tour of the islands was a success. We finished on Shaw Island with the biggest crowd of all. Thank you to all who took the time to participate in our, sometimes lively, meetings. Questions and answers were flowing! The presentation is now posted for those who missed it.

Also, check out our newly updated energy efficiency programs and rebate forms now online.

We are finalizing  set-up of the Home Energy Assessment Program. Those of you who have signed up for energy audits will be contacted in July. We will explain to you what the assessment consists of and hopefully put your house on the schedule.  We will have more detailed information coming soon–keep checking the website. 

OPALCO has initiated a public process to develop a new green power program called Member Owned Renewable Energy (MORE). Nominations to the MORE Steering Committee are due tomorrow (6/25). Click here for more info on the Steering Commitee and how to apply.

The Steering Committee will start meeting in mid-July–check back here for meeting dates, times and places. The mission is to create a new green power program including criteria, scope, structure and funding mechanisms and to present a proposal to OPALCO staff who can bring it before the Board for approval and policy making. The Committee will meet frequently through the summer with a goal of presenting a new program proposal in the fall.


Vampire Energy

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010

Electricity is consumed all the time, whether anyone is home or not. The modern house contains a variety of conveniences that rely on energy, many of which you don’t think of as being “on.” These “Vampire Electronics” feed on your power and can cause a high bill.

To limit the energy that is being “sucked” from your meter (and your wallet), walk around your house in the dark and take note of any lights you see (usually colored) emitting from devices (especially phone chargers, TVs, stereos, computers, game systems). Either unplug these devices when not in use, or install a surge protector with a rocker switch that you can easily switch off when not in use.

To learn more, check out simple tips and practices or contact OPALCO’s energy efficiency office at 376-3571.